What is Snap Map?

What is Snap Map
Everyone is talking about Snap Map, but what is Snap Map and how do you use it?


Snap Map is Snap Chats recently launched new feature and people are going CRAZY over it. It’s a new location sharing feature which allows your friends with Snap Chat to be able to see where you are and what snaps you have sent recently. The idea is that you can easily meet up with friends in real life. See where they are and what they are doing. As well as being able to keep an eye on your friends, Snap Chat also share stories of what’s going on in your area. Zoom out and it shows you the whole world!

So how do you access this feature?
  • Make sure you have updated your phone to the latest version of Snap Chat.
  • Open the Snap Chat app.
  • Go to the camera screen, then pinch your fingers on the screen like you are zooming out of a photo. The Snap Map should then appear.

Snap Chat now own Bitmoji so have come up with an ingenious idea of incorporating this into Snap Maps except they are now calling it Actionmoji which is the new form of Bitmoji.  This means that Snap Chat will pick up when you are listening to music for example and show your Actionmoji with a pair of headphones on, or if you are at the airport it will show your avatar with a suitcase.

Location Settings 

You can choose who you share your location settings with. When you first use the Snap Map it will give you the option to choose all friends. selected friends only or ghost mode, which hides your location completely. Your location is only updated when you are using Snap Chat.

What is Snap Maps?


You will notice that there are different coloured circles (hot spots) dotted around Snap Map. Blue = A few snaps Red = Lots of snaps. The ‘hotter’ the circles are the more snaps there are in that area.  These show stories that people have submitted to ‘Our Story’

Search For Friends

If your friends have their location settings on they will show up as their Bitmoji. If they don’t have Bitmoji connected they will show as a blank Bitmoji outline. You can zoom out until you spot them or type their name in the search bar. You are then able to see all their recent snaps and chat to them. You can swipe right and left to go to the next friend. To exit Snap Map click the top left arrow to go back to Snap Chat.


Happy Snapping!





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