The Best Hotel Marketing Advice You Will Ever Get

The best hotel marketing advice you will ever get
Hotel marketing advice is easy to come by. Good advice is hard to find. Are you ready to hear the best hotel marketing advice you will ever get?


Your hotel does not need to be the best at social media marketing in the world. It just needs to be the best at social media marketing in your local area; in the area you’re attempting to attract new and repeat customers in. This is typically inside of a 15-mile radius, sometimes only 5 miles.

That’s it. The best hotel marketing advice you will ever get.

You have to be the best in your area, and usually, that doesn’t take a lot. If you apply proven social media marketing strategies better than your competitor does, you’re already on your way to winning your market.

That may mean you only need to rule Facebook and Instagram…and that could be enough to win your market. If you are in a competitive market where others are also doing well on Facebook and Instagram, add more video marketing and a YouTube channel. Perhaps you need to add local Pinterest marketing since they now offer advanced local audience targeting. The list goes on.

We can look at any hotel or venue and know if we can help it “win” the market simply by looking at the social media presence and online marketing of their top competitors in the area they serve. And so should you.

You can learn a lot from those who are doing it right. And if you can’t find one in your area crushing it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest or other social platforms, the opportunity is wide open for you to win.


Own a hotel or venue? We’d love to hear what the best hotel marketing advice is that you’ve ever heard as well! Reply in the comments below or send your comment to us by going to our contact page.



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