30 Excuses Social Media Marketing Agencies Hear


30 Excuses Social Media Marketing Agencies Hear
Anyone working in a social media marketing agency would have encountered at least one of these in their time.
We hear countless excuses from business owners as to why they feel they don’t need to use a social media marketing agency. Many of whom, are just simply uneducated about social media marketing.
Here are just a selection taken from various agencies across the UK and USA.


1. They can save money by having their nephew/niece do it for them for free.

I have no words for this excuse. Just, don’t.


2. I’ve been in business 50 years…why change now?

Get with the times or your business won’t last another 50.


3. Why would I pay you to look at your phone and like some pictures when I can do it for free?

If you think social media marketing is just ‘liking’ a few photos, you are hugely mistaken.


4. But don’t you think this would be a FUN summer project for a college kid looking to get school credit for it?



5. We have a long previous success history with our print advertising – Probably the best excuse yet!

What in the world does print have to do with social media? You can’t track and measure success from magazines or newspapers.


6. The distance between the agency and the potential client was too much for the agency to be effective.

This particular company said they’re going to bring it “in house”….which is what they were doing before the agency had contacted them and they had precisely 0 website traffic from social the year prior to them starting working for them. – I actually *partially* agree with this strategy. You need someone in-house that is living the brand daily to be engaged digitally, but if they don’t understand digital business strategy they *also* need someone on the outside guiding them.


7. But so and so doesn’t do this, why should we? *insert small firm comparing themselves to a well-known company within their field*.

No business should ever compare their business against someone that’s been in business for years and has built up a strong brand.


8. We tried to make it fit in our budget. Could we pay you half in restaurant gift cards [aka trade]?”

I’ll put this nicely. Gift cards are not an acceptable form of payment.


9. Erm, social media, what’s that?

*Face Palm* 


10. From a small regional home health care company, covering only one county in the state, with a dozen or so in-home health aids … “Did you see Nintendo got 1,000,000 people in one day with their launch? Why can’t you do that for us? I want that.”

Where does one even begin in explaining the issues there?


11. No, the front desk girl does that “Twitter-thing…”



12. We don’t do social media as we don’t want bad reviews.

I can see a future blog post about this excuse because I have a lot to say on this! ALWAYS respond to reviews. Good or Bad. It’s how we learn and improve our businesses.


13. So you’re telling me we should be paying attention to that thingy – Bob, what was his name – yeah.. him… that Pete set up for us when he was here last summer?”

That thingy: Facebook.


14. Results? No. I’m not interested in results from our online & social media presence.

How can any business owner not be interested in results to improves profits?!


15. Our customers are not on Facebook. Sometimes Facebook really isn’t for every business.

When people tell me that, I respond, “think of Facebook like the new Yellow Pages. You want to be in it.” Queue the intern always sitting in these meetings and asks, “What’s the yellow pages?”


16. Can you do it for $300 per month including ads?

If you aren’t willing to invest a small amount of money each month towards your advertising costs then maybe you need to think about how serious you really are about growing your business.


17. I’m too busy, I can’t afford to take on new customers!

When is anyone too busy to take on new customers?! Seriously, is that even an excuse?


18. It’s not working.

Says the owner after less than 90 days with only $150 ad spend in a competitive insurance market and an inexperienced receptionist answering calls.


19. Our online budget is mostly allocated to banner ads.

Because Adblock totally isn’t a thing.


20. Ads don’t work.

No, because you push boost post, target the entire world and spend £4 with no CTA or lead capture.


21. Facebook is going to go away soon. No one searches it on what to buy anyways.

Facebook will go on for a long time yet, believe me!


22. Well, social media is free, so why do we have to pay for it?

You pay to advertise! If you don’t advertise, it’s much harder to grow organically.


23. We don’t think that marketing is where we should be spending our budget.



24. It’s really just a waste of money and time at the end of the day.

People that use this excuse have obviously been doing it wrong.


25. It doesn’t bring in any revenue.

If you are doing it wrong, that’s exactly what you will get.


26. We’re already on Facebook. That’s enough.

This company posted 2x a year, which is definitely not enough!


27. Our customers are over 40 so not on Social Media.

Just because your customers are a certain age, it does not mean they aren’t on social media. You just have to work out which platforms they are on and then target those.


28. A person with the job title “Social Media Manager” said, “Twitter, we missed the boat with that one, we will wait for the next big thing”.

Twitter is most certainly still going strong and it is never too late to drum up some new business.


29. We employed a guy to do social media; he was rubbish, which surprised us as he had a beard.

True story!


30. My son/daughter is doing it for us. They spend all day on their phones.

Not just anyone can do social media. You have to have strategies in place. It’s not as simple as some people make out!



Are you finding yourself making these excuses?
Maybe it’s time to think twice and brush up on your social media marketing knowledge.
Are you a Social Media Marketing Agency and had these excuses too? We would love to hear any new ones.
Just add in your comment below or send us an e-mail.



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